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An urban design portrait by
Robert Silke

“Like other world cities, Cape Town itself is developing into a brand that transcends even its country.  Insodoing it’s becoming an African capital more than a South African capital. Cape Town has internationalised itself exceptionally fast.

And so the centre of Cape Town is growing as rapidly as ever – simply because of its location. Being surrounded by tourism hotspots has created tremendous demand for properties in the innercity. We all know how people want to be close to the mountain, the atlantic seaboard, the beaches, and the V&A Waterfront.

Since 2000 there’s been a real trend of people moving back into the city centre. We are seeing more people renting and buying in the inner-city and even giving up their cars now that we have good public transport. Living in the centre of town has become easy.

What excites me about 220 Loop is that you have boutique retail, restaurants, bars and night clubs all within walking distance.

You have A-grade national retail in the form of the Garden Centre and Lifestyles on Kloof. You have the choice of Cape Town CBD or Kloof Street CBD, and some of the city’s best restaurants, within walking distance. There’s no need to even own a car. It’s probably one of the best residential locations in the city.

Great cities are places of chance encounter – where great ideas become great careers and businesses, where strangers become friends, and places where boys meet girls.

220 Loop is an amazing opportunity to live in the “right here, right now”.

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We are passionate about our shared urban future. We design urban lifestyle experiences that echo our very own. Our apartments use the highest quality, superior finishes, and are created as stylish expressions of city living. We create our spaces to be unique and comfortable while also being close to the buzz of the inner city. This is our inspiration.

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