TLC Flooring

TLC’s products are sourced from the best flooring suppliers worldwide which allows us to furnish our apartments with the most up to date flooring solutions available in the market. Their highly efficient and experienced teams offer great advice and technical insight about which solution will have the best impact.

Eagle Glass & Aluminium

With twenty years of experience in the industry, Eagle Aluminium have stayed ahead of trends and developments in the manufacture of aluminium systems. We are proud to have them on board. Eagle Glass and Aluminium is our top supplier for aluminium window frames and doors.

SMEG Appliances

We are thrilled to include SMEG’s unique range of appliances as part of The UrbanOn experience. Their iconic products are well known for their style and detail. SMEG appliances are designed to take centre stage in the heart of the home and are crafted with precision and extreme attention to detail.

Quartz Carpet

Quartz Carpet is magnificent stone floors considered to be the best in the business. Their unique seamless flooring system is renowned by architects and interior designers worldwide. The quartz stones are naturally rounded by tumbling down glacial rivers over millions of years which gives these floors their exceptional texture.

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