A truly great city is nothing without its people. The buzz of the streets and the pulse of inner-city life is the groundwork for inspired urban design. Each day in the city is filled with great experiences and our apartments echo this. They are alive with the energy that beats through the city. They are an extension of us.

At UrbanOn we love the inner-city lifestyle. We design living spaces that are molded by the city around it, spaces that are extensions of our personal expression, and we create these with people who are just like us.

These people move us and excite us to seek out adventure at every corner. They breathe the city and embrace its evolution. They’re urban explorers. They’re one of us.

We are urbanists; future thinkers; rebels. We create our spaces to be unique, comfortable and simple. We celebrate the inner-city and revel in social living. This is our opportunity to contribute to the evolving city. Join us.

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