Arcade is a great place for drinks after an incredible day in the city. Modelled after popular bars in New York and London, this urban hang out is increasingly popular amongst locals. It’s an international class bar. Even the kitchen closes at 11pm, which is unheard of outside the city centre.

The night life is usually buzzing with a fun and chilled vibe. If you’re meeting up with friends, their cafe style food like chicken prego, pizzas, burgers and salads are amazing, so definitely come hungry. Arcade has become one of the most popular hangout spots for after-work drinks by many of the urban explorers working and living in the inner city.

The Odyssey

A night in the inner city is not complete without some live music and good company.

Started by two childhood friends, Lorenzo Magni and Nick Shepherd, the Odyssey Gastro Pub offers visitors a lively atmosphere, local craft beer, and sustainably sourced food. They take great pride in finding the story behind their ingredients before it reaches the plate, ensuring that what you get is of the highest quality, from only the best sources. Their passion for food shines through everything they do.

The Odyssey is a great spot for dinner and lunch, and an even better spot to absorb the night-life this city has to offer.

The Youngblood Africa Gallery

Being the epicenter of arts and culture, and the melting pot of the creative industry, Cape Town CBD is the best location for lovers of art.

One particularly interesting gallery (and restaurant) is the Youngblood Africa Gallery. Youngblood Africa is home to the art of emerging, up and coming talents. They support artists by hosting and running training and mentorship programmes geared towards developing their craft. Finished works of art are then given the exposure they so rightfully deserve, with incredible exhibitions that feature some of the most unique artists in Cape Town.

The Youngblood Africa Gallery is a hub and platform for young artists to kickstart their careers in the arts. We love this idea and there’s no better location than the Cape Town inner-city.

The Labia Theatre

It’s amazing that just around the corner from 220Loop, with a 3 minute walk, you can enjoy some great cinema.

The Labia Theatre on Orange Street is the oldest independent cinema in South Africa. They are well-known for screening popular classics as well as a vast variety of indie films.

The building itself has its own old-world charm and sets the stage for an evening of great stories. Originally used for performing arts, the theatre started screening films since the seventies. Most of the authentic fixtures and features of the old building are maintained and give the cinema that extra bit of romance.

Honest Chocolate Cafe

We don’t need to say much – This is chocolate the way it is meant to be enjoyed.

Situated in Wale street right next to the honest chocolate artisan chocolate shop, the cafe is a chocolate lover’s dream. They use only organic cacao beans which are ethically sourced from Ecuador, creating their hand-made, pure chocolate. The cafe offers amazing cacao inventions like hot-chocolate organic truffles, chocolate pizza (yes. that’s right) and ganache covered sourdough toast.

This is the kind of place we wouldn’t mind spending the rest of our afternoon. It is a place where you could enjoy the deep tastes of pure chocolate and just watch the city buzz along.


Ask any Cape Town urban explorer about where to go for delicious America-style food and the answer will most likely be Clarkes. It is situated a walking distance from 220Loop and is the place to go for easy meals like mac ’n cheese, awesome burgers, or our favourite, pizza.

They‘re one of the few restaurants that serve all-day breakfasts. So, if you’re having a late breakfast while recovering from the night before, there’s no need to panic! Clarkes has you covered.

Clarke’s also has a variety of vegetarian options with some of the best veggie burgers in town. Be sure to try one when you’re there. With a great experience, great food and friendly, relaxed service, Clarke’s is one of Cape Town’s top hang-out spots.

Bacon on Bree

We love bacon. We love brunch. And we love Bree. Naturally, we love Bacon On Bree. They are the first “baconporium” in Cape Town and are already becoming one of the city’s hottest foodie spots. This bar is dedicated to anything and everything bacon.

They pride themselves in having ethically farmed bacon of the highest quality. Once you’ve had one of their bacon-and-brie croissants or french toast BLT’s, you’ll never want to have supermarket bacon again. We advise you get here early, because with their growing popularity and incredible food, you wouldn’t want to miss out on all this tasty bacon goodness.

Paul Smith

Situated on the corner of Wale and Bree Street is a store that mirrors the character and charm of Bo-Kaap. The bright blue building is hard to miss.

Paul Smith is a world famous British designer who opened his latest boutique store in the heart of Cape Town. You’ll find fashion which has been designed to reflect the culture and attitude of this great city. With clothes that emphasise a relaxed, casual look, it is the perfect store for any urban explorer with a keen eye for tasteful style. The collections on offer include Paul Smith Jeans (for men), Paul (for women) as well as shoes and accessories which are tailor-made for inner city life. It is a great place to gear up.

Skinny Laminx

Skinny Laminx is the home of designer textiles and screen-printed products that you would have seen in the trendiest spots around the city. Their range of products like bags, purses, and scarves have become extremely popular and are stocked by many other stores. In fact, their products can be found in stores as far as New York.

Skinny Laminx is the brainchild of local designer, Heather Moore. You’ll find her at the top of the store in the design studio where she dreams up and creates these beautiful products with her team. They have a unique range of styles and new products launch every other year. If you’re into carefully crafted products, beautiful design and delicate details, Skinny Laminx is definitely worth a visit.

The Company Gardens

Taking an early morning stroll in the company gardens is a great way to start your weekend. The park is a 5 minute walk from 220Loop and it’s the perfect place to ease your way into the day.

The Company Gardens is well-maintained and visitors love spending time exploring the garden, admiring its array of monuments and statues, or just being in nature and absorbing the beauty around them. You could consider the garden the calm centre of our bustling city.

The Company Gardens is also home to a great restaurant serving light meals, delicious coffees, and desserts, perfect for a breakfast catch-up with friends. If heritage, art and the like is your thing, there are a few galleries and museums nearby too, including the Iziko Museums’ South African Museum, the South African Jewish Museum and the District Six Museum. Just don’t forget to feed a squirrel before you leave!

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